Precision Long Range Shooting And Hunting v2 : Fundamentals, ballistics and reading the wind

Precision Long Range Shooting And Hunting v2 : Fundamentals, ballistics and reading the wind

Book Title: Precision Long Range Shooting And Hunting v2 : Fundamentals, ballistics and reading the wind

Author: Jon Gillespie-Brown

Format: Paperback | 362 pages

Publication Date: 17 Nov 2017

ISBN-13: 9781979598699

Quite simply, you have just found the best book series to learn about Long Range Shooting and HuntingThis book series is aimed at anyone who wants to get into Long Range Shooting and become a better shooter, period.

If you are just thinking about getting into the sport, we will explain it all to you and help you achieve the amazing feeling of hitting targets out so far they are hard to see with your eyes alone. For those that have already achieved some success, we will help you dig into the details that will help you be more consistent, and to understand areas that might affect your ability to make long range hits every time, no matter the conditions.

In the Second Volume of the Ultimate Guide to Long Range Precision Shooting And Hunting we will explore the more advanced topics of Equipment usage and setup, Shooting technique, Ballistics and Reading the Wind. These are the core more technical skills and knowledge required to be a competent long range shooter.

You will learn the "fundamentals" of marksmanship, shooting positions, using a spotter, ballistics (including effects like coriolis, spin drift, drag, angles and transonic effects) the environment (density altitude and more), reading the wind and understanding effects like mirage.

Each element is explained in detail, helping you make the right informed decisions.


Equipment usage and setup - rifleEquipment usage and setup - scopesEquipment usage and setup - supportShooting techniqueGetting set up to shootBallistics Reading the wind


How to be a safe and confident long range shooter.How to choose the right rifle for your personal "mission".Good glass does make a difference - across scopes, range finders and binocular.The math part is really not that big of a deal, especially if you have the right tools.Wind is the big equalizer.


What is long range shooting and how do I "ring" steel at 1000 yards?How to choose the right caliber, rifle and associated gear I need to get started?Advice on buying a scope and precision rifle, including detailed discussion on the options and accessories.How to set up and use the equipment needed for long range.Explanation of ballistics and the associated techniques required to get on target.Explanation and use of MOA and MILs/MRAD systems.A detailed explanation of the fundamentals of precision shooting.How to read the wind and use tools to make adjustments requirements for long range.How to clean and maintain your rifle.

Much much more, with over 300 pages of easy to absorb illustrations, images and expert guidance.

Even when you attend a practical course or go to the range, it will save you time and allow you to focus on success.

This book series will make you a better shooter, period. It is an investment in the most powerful weapon, in being able to achieve success in long range shooting, that's you!

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