All-Of-A-Kind Family Uptown

All-Of-A-Kind Family Uptown

Book Title: All-Of-A-Kind Family Uptown

Author: Sydney Taylor

Format: Paperback | 151 pages

Publication Date: 15 Jul 2014

ISBN-13: 9781939601179

Your favorite All-of-a-Kind Family has a new home in the Bronx, new friends and neighbors, and best all, new adventures. In the third book in the beloved series about a Jewish family growing up in early twentieth century New York, Ella misses her boyfriend Jules, who has joined the Army to fight in World War I, Henny spills tea on a dress she borrowed without asking, Sarah works to win a prize at school, Charlotte takes the elevated train without paying her fare, Gertie makes a pancake, and little Charlie is terrified when he meets Santa Claus. In true All-Of-A-Kind Family spirit, everyone must come together to keep the house running smoothly when Mama goes into the hospital to have her appendix removed.