Diagnostic Pathology: Placenta

Diagnostic Pathology: Placenta

Book Title: Diagnostic Pathology: Placenta

Author: International Agency for Research on Cancer

Format: Hardback | 352 pages

Publication Date: 11 Nov 2014

ISBN-13: 9781937242220

Diagnostic Pathology: Placenta is designed not only for practicing pathologists and pathologists-in-training, but for anyone interested in fields related to placental pathology. Comprehensive yet easily accessible, this medical reference book provides clear and concise information on topics including gross and microscopic changes of the placenta, common diagnoses, and placental evaluation in special circumstances.

Approaches placental pathology from multiple lenses, including basic gross and microscopic changes; showcases diagnoses with important clinical correlations; and explains key features of the exam in specific obstetric scenarios, such as growth restriction, preeclampsia, or multiple gestations.
Essential information is distilled into a succinct, bulleted format with numerous high-quality images to facilitate learning.
Provides necessary reference charts and sample templates for gross and microscopic evaluation.
Highlights recent critical diagnoses in placental pathology, such as fetal thrombotic vasculopathy or placental maturation defect.
Provides unmatched coverage of congenital infections and the pathological examination of the cesarean and post-partum hysterectomy specimen.
Includes correlations and illustrations of relevant fetal organ pathology for diagnosis in cases of fetal or neonatal demise.
Comes with Amirsys eBook AdvantageT, an eBook featuring expanded content, additional images, and fully searchable text.