Fancy Cycling, 1901 : An Edwardian Guide

Fancy Cycling, 1901 : An Edwardian Guide

Book Title: Fancy Cycling, 1901 : An Edwardian Guide

Author: Tom Ambrose

Format: Hardback | 116 pages

Publication Date: 18 Jun 2013

ISBN-13: 9781908402714

By 1901, when this book first free-wheeled spectacularly into sight, cycling was well established both as leisure pastime and method of getting about. Yet as a forum for the display of acrobatic prowess its potential had been left largely unmined - a lack that this book swiftly and with some style swooped in to supply. It shows straight-faced paragons of Edwardian society in a variety of impressive and unlikely vehicular arrangements. Fearlessly, they demonstrate the possibility of picking up a handkerchief without dismounting, of riding backwards while seated on the handlebar, and of 'standing on saddle, hands off!' They even make perfectly clear that, for two able cyclists with the inclination and a length of wooden pole, it was quite possible to bear aloft a clown while mounted.