Clifton Vol.5: Jade

Clifton Vol.5: Jade

Book Title: Clifton Vol.5: Jade

Author: Bob de Groot

Format: Paperback | 48 pages

Publication Date: 01 Sep 2008

ISBN-13: 9781905460526

Although he wants to take his Cub Scouts to Wales, Heron Melomane (aka Colonel Clifton) is forced to take them to Devonshire. The reason for this change of plan: a note in his letterbox stating that WWII isn't finished yet - signed AKC 666! Decrypted by his faithful housekeeper, Miss Partridge, the message reveals plans for a mysterious meeting. The Bristish Secret Service, intrigued by this note, chose Clifton to sort out this mystery. But Clifton is unaware that MI5 sent a new agent to protect him, just in case...