Computer Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Computer Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Book Title: Computer Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Author: Deborah G. Johnson

Format: Paperback | 378 pages

Publication Date: 19 Sep 2003

ISBN-13: 9781855548459

This clear and accessible textbookand its associated website offer a state of the art introduction to the burgeoning field of computer ethics and professional responsibility.
Includes discussion of hot topics such as the history of computing; the social context of computing; methods of ethical analysis; professional responsibility and codes of ethics; computer security, risks and liabilities; computer crime, viruses and hacking; data protection and privacy; intellectual property and the "open source" movement; global ethics and the internet Introduces key issues and concepts at the start of each section, and features classroom-tested study questions, and lists of useful websites and further reading Provides a wealth of relevant case studies, and an easy-to learn case-analysis technique Is accompanied by a website, offering sample student answers, additional study questions, example case analyses, and discussion forums Visit the website at