Tank Girl: Apocalypse Remastered Edn

Tank Girl: Apocalypse Remastered Edn

Book Title: Tank Girl: Apocalypse Remastered Edn

Author: Peter Milligan

Format: Paperback | 112 pages

Publication Date: 23 Feb 2010

ISBN-13: 9781845767655

Join everybody's favorite beer-swilling, chain-smoking, kangaroo-worrying lunatic as she 'bumps' her way through another utterly bizarre escapade. And this time she's pregnant...yes, pregnant! How will our manic heroine cope with looming motherhood? The threat of rampaging hormones, the spectre of varicose veins? What will the baby look like, if it's Booga's? And what exactly does this all have to do with the followers of the Blood God Baal? Add to that the small matter of impending Armageddon (thanks to a meteorite headed straight for Earth!) and it's no wonder this book was once billed as the final slice of Tank Girl's lunatic adventures.