Michael O'Leary : A Life in Full Flight

Michael O'Leary : A Life in Full Flight

Book Title: Michael O'Leary : A Life in Full Flight

Author: Jackie Freiberg

Format: Paperback | 464 pages

Publication Date: 27 Mar 2008

ISBN-13: 9781844880560

Michael O'Leary is a business giant. He transformed Ryanair from a loss-making joke of an Irish carrier into one of the most valuable airlines in the world, and in the process he has revolutionized the very nature of commercial aviation. In this, the first biography of O'Leary, Alan Ruddock portrays the man in three dimensions and examines the business miracle - often talked about but poorly understood - that O'Leary has wrought.

'Ruddock's fast-paced retelling of Ryanair's rise and rise confirms O'Leary's insistence that his success has little to do with the management maxims of business gurus and everything to do with graft and ruthless attention to detail' Observer

'Probably the definitive Ryanair story ... a good read' Sunday Independent

'The fullest and most accurate picture of O'Leary to date' Irish Daily Mail

'Unlike previous books which simply chart the growth of the airline, this one is bound to get under O'Leary's skin because it reveals a great deal about his hugely driven character' Irish Independent

'Ruddock is good on the flavour of the man, a bundle of energy whose two favourite words start with an F and an S (they aren't flower and sugar)' Irish Examiner