MGB 1962 To 1980

MGB 1962 To 1980

Book Title: MGB 1962 To 1980

Author: Lindsay Porter

Format: Hardback | 240 pages

Publication Date: 21 May 2010

ISBN-13: 9781844258949

This special edition of the MGB Owners Workshop Manual has been prepared as part of the celebrations to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of J. H. Haynes & Co. Ltd. in 1960. It is a faithful reproduction of the original, both in layout and in technical content, but all the photographs have been reshot in colour. There is also a new set of coloured wiring diagrams.

The MGB was one of the iconic British sports cars with an enthusiastic following and the earlier versions of this manual have all been best-sellers. With nearly 30,000 MGBs still registered in the UK alone, there is sure to be a big demand for this latest edition from past and prospective owners as well as existing ones.