Web Design in easy steps

Web Design in easy steps

Book Title: Web Design in easy steps

Author: Mike McGrath

Format: Paperback | 240 pages

Publication Date: 25 Mar 2014

ISBN-13: 9781840786255

There are literally millions of websites on the Internet, but most are ugly and ineffective. So how do you create a site that looks good and makes money? Web Design in easy steps, now in its sixth edition, reveals the key principles of good web design. It guides you through the process of creating a website, from planning to search engine promotion. Learn: The fundamentals of professional web page layout and create content that'll get your message across. All about effective navigation to make your website easy to use so your visitors stay longer. The techniques to make your website attractive for all and ensure it works on different devices. How to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript and get started with your new website. Ecommerce and social media basics to open your online shop, and start marketing it! Avoid creating another ineffective website on the net. Use Web Design in easy steps, 6th edition to create a successful site that looks good and achieves its purpose.