Dyslexia Unravelled : An Irish Guide to a Global Problem

Dyslexia Unravelled : An Irish Guide to a Global Problem

Book Title: Dyslexia Unravelled : An Irish Guide to a Global Problem

Author: Keda Cowling

Format: Paperback | 174 pages

Publication Date: 28 Jul 2017

ISBN-13: 9781786050250

Does your child struggle to read or write? Do yoususpect they have dyslexia, or have they recently been diagnosed with dyslexia?Are you wondering where do you go from here?

A diagnosis of dyslexia can be both a relief and afrustration. From her unique perspective as a professional speech and languagetherapist who has classic dyslexia herself, Rita Treacy explores the complexitysurrounding the identification and treatment of dyslexia. Clear, concise anddirect, Dyslexia Unravelledaddresses:

·      What itâs like to bedyslexic â the humiliation of being different

·      Identifying the earlysigns of dyslexia and how to identify, collect and present the information youwill need in order to seek help for your child

·      The multidisciplinaryassessment process and how to identify which services will be required

·      The differences betweendyslexia and other reading/spelling disorders

·      Choosing the correctintervention method to receive the best results

·       The dangers surroundingundiagnosed or untreated dyslexia and the serious emotional and behaviouralside effects

·      Supports and technologyfor remediating literacy difficulties

Aimedprimarily at parents, Dyslexia Unravelled will also be of interest to teachers,psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, educationalistsand anyone with a concern about or interest in understanding dyslexia.