Book Title: AUTObiography

Author: Maya Angelou

Format: Paperback | 140 pages

Publication Date: 31 May 2018

ISBN-13: 9781784654122

Discover one man's love of all things automotive in this moving autobiography. Born in 1951 in Southern Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe, it was Stewart's father who first introduced him to the world of motoring through restoring vintage cars and creating many happy memories together at the Marlborough race track in Salisbury. Now a father to two sons himself, Stewart tells his story through his unique love of motor vehicles which have been an integral part of his life. From his very first car, a pale green second-hand Fiat 500, to his new "just for fun" Porsche Boxster S (and all of the planes, trains, boats, motorbikes and cars in between) Stewart takes you on a journey through his childhood and beyond in his autobiography. Funny, moving and reflective, this story will rev up your heart and get your motor running!