Styles from a Master Bodice Pattern

Styles from a Master Bodice Pattern

Book Title: Styles from a Master Bodice Pattern

Author: Sarah E Veblen

Format: DVD video

Publication Date: 16 Nov 2015

ISBN-13: 9781631863653

Express your personal style - and with garments that fit you perfectly. When it comes to fashion and clothes, you have your style. You know what you like. And you're all about making it yourself. Bravo! But...if the pattern is off - and we all have those experiences - then so is the final garment. The fit, the look, the impression you hoped to make misses the mark. That's why we all need Sarah Veblen in our lives!

Drafting, adjusting, refining, completing - this pro will walk you through every step in one master class. For more than twenty-five years, Sarah Veblen has been designing and making clothing for her private clientele, specializing in fit, innovative pattern design and quality construction. In Styles from a Master Bodice Pattern, Sarah shows you how to use a master pattern - a properly fitted, basic bodice pattern - as the foundation for creating many styles. Because every new design is based on the master pattern, a great fit is built in. With this approach, you can spend your time creating new looks, rather than adjusting different patterns for fit.

Learn how to:

Transform a basic bodice design into multiple new styles such as: turn a darted bodice into one with princess seams change the opening of a blouse from back to front, or front to side reshape necklines for comfort and style draft and personalize mandarin and roll collars fashion beautiful sleeve details Develop essential patternmaking skills for working with any pattern Guarantee a good fit by using a master pattern as the basis for different styles Unleash your creativity, and free yourself from dependence on commercial patterns

Double your skills right now and create beautiful new pieces to wear in the upcoming season. Create a Master Bodice Pattern, a DVD master class from Sarah Veblen, is the companion class to Styles from a Master Bodice Pattern. Together, these instructional videos fast track your skills and techniques so you can sew with newfound confidence. Gain an understanding of how patterns work and get the self-assurance to become your own designer. The results will be most fitting!