Single Page Web Applications

Single Page Web Applications

Book Title: Single Page Web Applications

Author: Semmy Purewal

Format: Paperback | 407 pages

Publication Date: 27 Sep 2013

ISBN-13: 9781617290756

Code for most web sites mostly runs on the server. When a user clicks on a link, the site reacts slowly because the browser sends information to the server and the server sends it back again before displaying the results. With near universal availability of capable browsers and powerful hardware, the single page web application (SPA) pushes most of the code to the browser, giving users immediate results, whether they're surfing at their desk or using a phone app. Single Page Web Applications shows how to build modern browser-based apps that take advantage of stronger client platforms and more-predictable bandwidth. It covers the SPA design approach and explores new techniques like structured JavaScript and responsive design. Readers will learn to capitalize on trends like server-side JavaScript and NoSQL data stores, as well as new frameworks that make JavaScript more manageable and testable as a first-class language. AUDIENCE This book is for web developers, architects, and product managers who know about JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and web development basics.
ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY A Single Page Application (SPA) is an application delivered to the browser that does not reload the page during use.