Tales Designed To Thrizzle Vol.2

Tales Designed To Thrizzle Vol.2

Book Title: Tales Designed To Thrizzle Vol.2

Author: Michael Kupperman

Format: Hardback | 144 pages

Publication Date: 16 Feb 2013

ISBN-13: 9781606996157

Tales Designed to Thrizzle Book Two, the second collection of the comic-book series, features two of Kupperman's recurring duos: Mark Twain and Albert Einstein and the crime-fighting team of Snake and Bacon. Crusty Quincy, M.E. makes his comic book debut. Also: The Jungle Princess battles rhino traders... A story of Broadway theatrics... Slightly cursed merchandise... Cockney grave robbers... Cowboy Oscar Wilde... McArf the Crime Dog takes a bite out of scum... The origin of The Hamanimal... Plus a photocomic starring comedian Julie Klausner: "Voyage To Narnia."