Missile Design and Systems Engineering

Missile Design and Systems Engineering

Book Title: Missile Design and Systems Engineering

Author: Warren J. Boord

Format: Hardback | 800 pages

Publication Date: 08 Aug 2012

ISBN-13: 9781600869082

In his latest book, `Missile Design and Systems Engineering`, Eugene Fleeman presents a comprehensive review of the missile design and systems engineering process pulling from his decades of experience in the development of missiles and their technologies. Aimed toward the needs of aerospace engineering students and professors, systems analysts and engineers, program managers, and others working in the areas of missile systems and missile technology development, the book provides readers with an understanding of missile design, missile technologies, launch platform integration, missile system measures of merit and the missile system development process. This book has been adapted from Fleeman's earlier title, `Tactical Missile Design, Second Edition` to include a greater emphasis on systems engineering.
Topics discussed include: top components in the missile design and system engineering process; critical tradeoffs, methods and technologies in aerodynamic, propulsion, structure, seeker, warhead, fuzing, and subsystems sizing to meet flight performance and other requirements; launch platform - missile integration; robustness, lethality, guidance, navigation & control, accuracy, observables, survivability, reliability, and cost considerations; missile sizing examples for missile systems and missile technologies; and, missile system and missile technology development process.