New York City on Instagram

New York City on Instagram

Book Title: New York City on Instagram

Author: Charles J. Ziga

Format: Hardback | 208 pages

Publication Date: 24 Oct 2017

ISBN-13: 9781599621395

At no time has the humming energy of New York City been more passionately and extensively captured than right now, through the lens of Instagram. Spurred on by the vibrant and creative Instagram community, both amateur and professional photographers venture out every day to capture classic views in a new light or share hidden treasures in a way that is unique and illuminating. Featuring 200 photographs from more than 40 talented and acclaimed Instagram photographers, who collectively have over a million followers, the book will captivate locals and visitors alike with striking images of iconic New York sights and quintessential scenes. Brief captions with descriptive information will help photo enthusiasts find the locations for their own personal takes on these spectacular city scenes. The book will conclude with a list of the twenty-five most Instagram-worthy spots you must see while in NYC, which will provide a handy reference for readers who want to explore the sights featured in the book.