Omelette and a Glass of Wine

Omelette and a Glass of Wine

Book Title: Omelette and a Glass of Wine

Author: Elizabeth David

Format: Paperback | 392 pages

Publication Date: 23 Mar 2010

ISBN-13: 9781599218601

An Omelette and a Glass of Wine, a collection of articles originally written for The Spectator, Gourmet magazine, Vogue, and The (London) Sunday Times, among others, is the penultimate book by Elizabeth David. This revered classic volume contains delightful explorations of food and cooking, among which are the collection's namesake essay and other such gems as "Syllabubs and Fruit Fools," "Sweet Vegetables, Soft Wine," "Pleasing Cheeses," and "Whisky in the Kitchen." Her many admirers will cherish this new edition, and readers coming to know Ms. David for the first time will marvel at her wisdom and grace.