My Running Journal : Run Log Notebook

My Running Journal : Run Log Notebook

Book Title: My Running Journal : Run Log Notebook

Author: My Running Journal

Format: Paperback | 110 pages

Publication Date: 10 Oct 2015

ISBN-13: 9781517701772

Designed For Runners

Every runner knows that to get faster, run farther and be their best, they need to track their achievements. Not just the races they win but the training that got them there. This running log is designed to ensure you capture the most important information you need to know. Winging it does not lead to success.

Track a full year's worth of daily runs with ample space for recording your route, distance, weather, how you felt and much more. You also get a week at a glance summary at the end of each week for quick reference.

With each week being undated, you have the flexibility to fill it out as you see fit and let's hope you never use the injury section. Journaling your runs is an excellent way to stay motivated and to enhance personal performance.

If you are ready to take your running to the next level then grab your running log today!

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