Abandoned : Hauntingly Beautiful Deserted Theme Parks

Abandoned : Hauntingly Beautiful Deserted Theme Parks

Book Title: Abandoned : Hauntingly Beautiful Deserted Theme Parks

Author: Seph Lawless

Format: Hardback | 216 pages

Publication Date: 26 Oct 2017

ISBN-13: 9781510723351

Huffington Post called him "a master of the abandoned"-and for good reason. The "artivist" known only as Seph Lawless has spent the last ten years photo-documenting the America that was left behind in the throes of economic instability and overall decline-decrepit shopping malls, houses, factories, even amusement parks.

Through nearly two hundred gorgeous and elegiac photographs, Abandoned details Lawless's journey into what was once the very heart of American entertainment: the amusement park. Lawless visits deserted parks across the country, capturing in stark detail their dilapidated state, natural overgrowth, and obvious duality of sad and playful symbolism. Previously self-published as Bizarro, this updated edition of Lawless's photographic tribute to decaying American amusement parks contains new content and a new foreword.

For the first time, the famed photojournalist Seph Lawless makes his moving work available in a stunning trade edition.