Angel in a Thorn Bush

Angel in a Thorn Bush

Book Title: Angel in a Thorn Bush

Author: Kathleen O'Dea

Format: Paperback | 420 pages

Publication Date: 10 Dec 2012

ISBN-13: 9781477246825

Walk with an African adventurer, whose ancestors arrive in Cape Town when Napoleon is conquering Europe. Befriending Shaka, chief of the Zulu, they settle in Rhodesia, today's Zimbabwe. Deep insights and experience of living and fighting for survival through Colonial occupation to Nationalist 'free' Africa today. An extraordinary continent, that excites, inspires and baffles. Living in the beautiful, remote Zambezi valley through the country's 'freedom fighter' war, Rob and wife, Sandy, pioneer a big Safari lodge in Zimbabwe - Fothergill Island on Lake Kariba - raising their family of three daughters there. Laugh, cry, and discover in escapades that stretch the imagination, where 'doing your thing' isn't always plain sailing. Huge challenges. Meet with the Creator of the awesome wilderness, in a worldwhere nothing is ever the same, where angels dare to walk, and thorn bushes entangle.