Around-The-World Sailing Guide : Sailing Directions

Around-The-World Sailing Guide : Sailing Directions

Book Title: Around-The-World Sailing Guide : Sailing Directions

Author: Peter Bruce

Format: Paperback | 298 pages

Publication Date: 14 Nov 2010

ISBN-13: 9781453823408

2017 Edition: .-. How to sail around the world? The book is a detailed planning itinerary for your voyage around the world. The routes, and the seasons clearly laid out. So you want to sail around the world? Which way do you go? What is the "milk run" ? How? When? Where to go? What are the sailing seasons ? The mental test, the boat, the weather, the crew, the equipment, the food, the philosophy, the lifestyle, the tricks, the anchorages, the harbors, the navigation, the dangers, the tools, the paperwork, money, communication, safety, poetry, responsibility, FAQ, seasickness, first aid, politics, clothes, expenses, watchkeeping, knots, anchors, cyclones, prayers, becalmed, hurricanes, latitudes, engine, toilet, lightening, information on everything that you possibly need to know. + EVERYTHING you need to know including detailed charts and 150 photos of the harbors. Information on customs and provisioning, winds, tides, storms, seasons, trade winds, formalities, food, navigation aids, docking, bathing, washing, safety, politics, dangers, interesting information, fishing, the costs, the kids & pets, pirates, whales, axe murderers, maintenance, repairs, water, etc etc...including the dinghy and other toys. The Atlantic crossing in the trade wind belt is from Canary Islands to the Caribbean in the northern winter. In the North Atlantic Ocean the trade winds blow from November to April between latitudes 3 degrees to 25 degrees. Then the hurricanes can occur in the northern summer between latitudes 5 degrees and 30 degrees. They are most dangerous from August to October. The Pacific Ocean crossing from Panama to New Zealand is in the southern winter...... This book now includes a link to a free interactive app. The app links to charts, aerial photos, embedded videos, marinas, port authorities, animated knots, wind charts, anchorages, worldwide harbors, tides, weather, local knowledge, tips, forum, birds, fish, fishing, itineraries, nav rules, ocean currents, safety information, traffic services, radio frequencies, videos, docks, fuel, supplies, lighthouses, repairs, marine parks, general knowledge, sightseeing, environmental issues, warnings, Regulations, Wikipedia, Facebook, Links to all the Embassies, Links to all official Government websites worldwide, alerts & warnings, U.S.C.G. and more. + Your screen can become a full screen weather radar. + See the surrounding ships in real time on your screen with a link to AIS. + View updated charts using online chart viewer. + Before departure download and print current charts in booklet form. This book covers the world. GENERAL INFORMATION This is a huge resource on the app with hundreds of useful links to Government, USCG, Wikipedia etc. ..Recognize every seabird, every pelagic fish and how to catch fish. NAVIGATION REGULATIONS. Contains extracts from Regulations. The links connect the reader to the harbor authority, customs, up-to-date clearance requirements. You can actually see the ships over the horizon in real time with the AIS link! See the ocean winds in real time. Download weather radar onto your computer or phone. Join a forum, have a look at Google Maps, delve into the history at Wikipedia etc. etc. etc. Use the QR scanner on your phone or tablet. This book is an important resource for planning your voyages.