WebGL: Up and Running

WebGL: Up and Running

Book Title: WebGL: Up and Running

Author: Kouichi Matsuda

Format: Paperback | 200 pages

Publication Date: 21 Sep 2012

ISBN-13: 9781449323578

Get a quick introduction to WebGL, the new standard for 3D rendering on the web. With WebGL, web developers can create games animations, data visualizations, product displays, and more using JavaScript, a web browser, and a standard web technology stack. If you're familiar with JavaScript, this concise book will help you gain a working knowledge of WebGL through clear and simple examples. Jump in and get started building your own 3D applications. Learn the core concepts of 3D graphics and how to implement them in WebGL Get insights from a well-known pioneer of 3D standards for the Web Develop working knowledge of rendering, texturing, animation, interaction and behaviors Gain access to inside information used by experienced 3D developers and video game programmers Learn how to apply WebGL in web production environments