Wholeness : My Healing Journey from Ritual Abuse

Wholeness : My Healing Journey from Ritual Abuse

Book Title: Wholeness : My Healing Journey from Ritual Abuse

Author: Mrs Hinch

Format: Paperback | 204 pages

Publication Date: 23 Feb 2010

ISBN-13: 9781449057190

Wholeness (My Healing Journey from Ritual Abuse) is the courageous, unfathomable story of a woman's recovery from a decade of childhood satanic ritual abuse. The book provides hope and inspiration for the estimated hundreds of thousands of victims of such torture. For counselors and other psychology professionals, her journey offers techniques and approaches that should benefit other survivors. And for the general public, the story sheds light on the subjects of ritual abuse, as well as how the mind stores and can recover traumatic memories. Wholeness also demonstrates the undeniable power of repressed memory and disassociation. As a psychology doctoral student, Suzie Burke (pen name) studied how the mind can repress and wall off traumatic events for defensive purposes. The ability of the mind to hide traumatic memories deep within our unconscious mind in disassociated parts of ourselves is well documented with those who have survived early-age sexual abuse, torture and many other instances of severe psychological trauma. In her first-hand experience, Dr. Burke tells how the reality of her own childhood was hidden in her unconscious until events nearly three decades later provided triggers that could not be ignored. Her journey to wholeness was filled with incidents of re-living events which included body memories of physiological shock, choking and vomiting. The account goes beyond the psychological elements of her recovery. It is also a spiritual journey to wholeness in which she discovers that she is indeed a loving, compassionate woman.