Bat-Mite's Big Blunder

Bat-Mite's Big Blunder

Book Title: Bat-Mite's Big Blunder

Author: Blake A. Hoena

Format: Paperback | 56 pages

Publication Date: 01 Sep 2013

ISBN-13: 9781434222558

GOTHAM'S greatest super-villains escape from ARKHAM ASYLUM, and BATMAN must quickly wrangle up the rebel rogues. When only one remains at large, the DARK KNIGHT gets an extra hand from his biggest, little fan -- the BAT-MITE, a mischievous imp from another dimension. Unfortunately, the RIDDLER isn't the easiest crook to catch. But if BAT-MITE can't crack the criminal cluemaster, he might end up hurting, instead of helping, his favorite hero.