Come on Then

Come on Then

Book Title: Come on Then

Author: Harry Redknapp

Format: Paperback | 252 pages

Publication Date: 02 Mar 2007

ISBN-13: 9781425980313

The Author gives an insight over three decades about his life which revolved around his local football team, Huddersfield Town. How he met and made friends with the Huddersfield Hooligan fraternity on the late seventies and how over the crazy eighties he was then himself an established member. It is not just about the violence but how the humour and the camaraderie of this story that also comes into the fold. After a short period of time away the Author then describes how he again became enthralled in the hooligan set up in the mid to late nineties. it was more organised, the buzz was still there and a new name bestowed upon them of the OAPs from the younger HYC force. The story then filters into the youth of today and how they still carry the flag for Huddersfield. The same respect and camaraderie is still there and he writes on their exploits and compares the stories from the old days. The question is then asked, "is this the end" with CCTV and banning orders it seems to be on the way out, new faces come but is the heart being ripped away from this type of life, one thing is for sure and the book dictates and lets you know just how proud they were.....and still are