The Basic Practice of Statistics

The Basic Practice of Statistics

Book Title: The Basic Practice of Statistics

Author: Professor of Sociology Jill Quadagno

Format: Hardback | 654 pages

Publication Date: 01 Apr 2018

ISBN-13: 9781319187637

A student studying subjects like science, economics or politics should know how to crunch numbers. But getting to grips with statistics can be tricky for students. That's where Basic Practice of Statistics comes in. Written by leaders in statistics education, this textbook teaches students how to think about and interrogate data.

It reflects the everyday practice of statistics where knowing how to interpret data is just as important as its production. The book equips students to carry out statistical procedures which they can use in their studies and future employment.

Part of the best-selling Moore family of statistics books, Basic Practice of Statistics is designed for a one-semester `introduction to statistics' course. This eighth edition is available on SaplingPlus.