Ascending Into Miracles : The Path of Spiritual Mastery

Ascending Into Miracles : The Path of Spiritual Mastery

Book Title: Ascending Into Miracles : The Path of Spiritual Mastery

Author: Jennifer Hoffman

Format: Paperback | 438 pages

Publication Date: 02 May 2011

ISBN-13: 9780982194935

We are at a crossroads in our evolution, a place where all of humanity can choose the path of enlightenment and create heaven on earth. Are we resigned to our destiny or can we believe ours is the path of creation, transformation and ascension into miracles? How we answer that question indicates whether we are ready to access the portal of spiritual mastery and connect with the dynamic flow of Universal energy, where miracles happen. This is where we learn to work with Universal law and use our intention and focus to create the life-and the world-of our dreams. Peace, joy, abundance and unconditional love are choices that are always available to us when we begin from a point of focused intention and accept our power as divine spiritual beings. Ascending into Miracles - the Path of Spiritual Mastery is the roadmap for your ascension journey, your path to mastery, and within its pages you will find information and guidance so you can begin your inner awakening into spiritual mastery, moving beyond the healing and growth that have been your soul's purpose and take the next steps into miraculous, abundant, joyful, masterful living.