Sort Out Your Crap Life

Sort Out Your Crap Life

Book Title: Sort Out Your Crap Life

Author: Brene Brown

Format: Paperback | 188 pages

Publication Date: 21 Apr 2010

ISBN-13: 9780956517807

A biographically self help book penned by Claire Anstey whom used the contents to sort out her own crap life and now invites the reader to do the same with its exercises taken from various professional sources, and by following its 21 day programme. In full colour and graphically designed throughout. It is thought provoking, honest, gritty and relatable. A message from the author: "With over 30 exercises, and its Benchmark Chronicle 21 day plan this book is made to make you feel better. It holds all the details of how I sorted out my crap life, the exercises I used to discover myself and some real diary entries from when I felt messed up. Today I feel amazing; I have absolutely no crap in my life. This new strength enabled me to be open and honest with my experiences and these principles are now shared with you in this book so that if you are willing you can sort out your life too." - Claire Anstey