Flathead Tuning Manual

Flathead Tuning Manual

Book Title: Flathead Tuning Manual

Author: Mike Bishop

Format: Paperback | 80 pages

Publication Date: 05 Feb 2005

ISBN-13: 9780949398031

How to tune the Flathead Ford V8 engine using a range of combinations to achieve realistic horsepower figures. Assists the reader to gain positive results from their own engine. The book dispels a few myths and rumors along the way. Includes dyno verified results of tuning modifications, with illustrative charts.Chapters are dedicated to: 1. The benefits of tuning 2. Carburetors 3. Ignitions 4. Electronic fuel injection 5. Valve timing 6. The ultimate challenge (Mike's next step in race development of his engines.) 7. New products. Full color throughout! World renowned author who has specialized solely in research and development of the Flathead Ford engine with two previous best selling Flathead books; "Flathead Fever" and "How to Build the High Performance Street Flathead," already in print. The author describes a range of Flathead engine combinations that achieve realistic horsepower figures that will assist the reader in achieving their own positive results. Dyno verified results of tuning modifications with illustrative charts. Clear color photos used to illustrate parts and combinations used.