American Armored Fighting Vehicles

American Armored Fighting Vehicles

Book Title: American Armored Fighting Vehicles

Author: George Bradford

Format: Paperback | 96 pages

Publication Date: 01 Feb 2007

ISBN-13: 9780811733403

Filled with fine-scale drawings of America's tanks and other armored vehicles during the entire course of World War II. * M2 Halftrack * M3 Lee/Grant Tank * M3A3 Stuart Tank * M4 Sherman Tank * Staghound Armored Car * LVT Amphibious Tank * And dozens more . . . Based on meticulous research of actual vehicles, official photographs, factory specifications, and, in some cases, the original design plans, each drawing is rendered with great precision--and in exact scale--offering military enthusiasts and modelers an essential reference on these steel chariots of war.