Making Documentary Film and Videos

Making Documentary Film and Videos

Book Title: Making Documentary Film and Videos

Author: Sheila Curran Bernard

Format: Paperback | 440 pages

Publication Date: 10 Dec 2007

ISBN-13: 9780805081817

The classic guide to making documentaries, now revised and expanded for today's filmmaker

The second edition of Making Documentary Films and Videos fully updates the popular guidebook that has given readers around the world the knowledge and confidence to produce their first documentary film. It traces two main approaches--recording behavior and re-creating past events--and shows you how to be successful at each. Covering all the steps from concept to completion, with chapters on visual evidence; documentary ethics; writing for documentaries; budgeting; assembling a crew; film and sound recording; casting and directing actors and nonactors; and editing for the audience, this book can help you successfully bring to life the documentary you want to make.
The second edition includes
- a discussion of truth, "reality," and honesty in the current
filmmaking environment
- new advice on how to get started in documentary filmmaking
- an expanded section on researching and writing the proposal,
treatment, and script
- an exhaustive list of resources

"Practical planning advice, the importance of documentary ethics, budgeting and putting together a crew." - The Guardian