The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes

The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes

Book Title: The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes

Author: Jennifer Crusie

Format: Paperback | 352 pages

Publication Date: 01 Jan 2007

ISBN-13: 9780755341917

Ever wanted a charmed life? Meet the Miss Fortunes.

First, Dee. Spends a lot of time trying to control her sisters, her passions and her shape-shifting... especially when gorgeous Danny James is about.

Then, Lizzie. Determined to save the family from ruin, even if it means causing chaos in the cosmos (and messing with a handsome sorcerer's heart).

Finally, Mare. Possessor of telekinetic powers, self-proclaimed Queen of the Universe... and manager of the local Value Video. The last thing she needs is the ex-boyfriend who broke her heart to come strolling back into town.

They're about to have the worst weekend of their lives. Unless they can figure out how the hell to work their magic powers...