The MacNean Restaurant Cookbook

The MacNean Restaurant Cookbook

Book Title: The MacNean Restaurant Cookbook

Author: Neven Maguire

Format: Hardback | 288 pages

Publication Date: 19 Oct 2012

ISBN-13: 9780717154395

On Neven:

'Neven Maguire is one of Ireland's best-loved chefs' Darina Allen

'When it comes to creating down-to-earth, home kitchen friendly recipes, there is no chef to beat the delightfully approachable Neven Maguire' Georgina Campbell

On MacNean's:

'You will find the best food and hospitality Ireland has to offer at Neven Maguire's award-winning MacNean House and Restaurant' John McKenna

'Careful, thoughtful, skilful, inventive and presented with elan, haute cuisine at a price that anyone could afford. Remarkable' Paolo Tullio

MacNean is the destination dining point for Irish food lovers. If you've already been there, here is an opportunity to relive and recreate the stunning recipes at home. If you're still aspiring to visit, it will further whet your appetite for one of the most celebrated restaurant menus in Ireland.The recipes encompass all that has made MacNean Restaurant a success - Neven's commitment to constant innovation and insistence on high quality, seasonal and traceable produce, sourced locally.

As well as classic MacNean dishes like the Gratin of Cod (on the menu as long as Neven can remember), Salad of Wood Pigeon (from 'Uncle Frank's land in Westmeath') and the chef's personal favourite, Duck Confit, there are more aspirational dishes reflecting Neven's evolution as a chef, such as the signature starter A Study of Shellfish or the truly impressive dinner party dish, Turbot with Crab Cannelloni and Prawn Veloute.

There's still plenty to choose from if you want the comfort of simpler food, including dishes cooked for staff suppers at MacNean House like Turkey and Leek Stroganoff and MacNean Fish Pie. Or just enjoy the writing and the stunning photography in this beautiful book, and celebrate the achievements of one of Ireland's best-loved chefs.