Ace Your Medical Exams

Ace Your Medical Exams

Book Title: Ace Your Medical Exams

Author: Patrick Magee

Format: Paperback | 166 pages

Publication Date: 15 May 2019

ISBN-13: 9780648548201

How often have you put off studying because you've
had a long, tiring work shift, or you feel guilty at not
spending enough time with your family?
For many doctors, finding a study and testing program
they can stick to is an almost impossible task. Most
regimes ask too much, too often, and are invariably
too hard.
ACE YOUR MEDICAL EXAMS doesn't ask you to do the
impossible. It introduces you to the psychological
strategies and techniques designed to cultivate
peak performance and personal growth. What good
performers in any field have in common is an ability
to quickly move past the negative emotion of a failure
and learn from the experience.
The book bridges the gap between research and
practice by clearly illustrating essential concepts
with case studies, anecdotes, and examples.
Designed as an easy, do-it-yourself manual, the book
includes action plans at the end of most chapters.
There are questionnaires for you to fill in and reflect
on. You'll discover how appropriate body language
and voice tone can improve your self-confidence
and communication, as well as the perceptions of
others around you. You will learn how to use your
brain at optimal times to foster quality study and
nurture resilience, and most chapters have creative
suggestions for testing yourself on specific oral or
written exam components.
All the information is here; the how and why of
procrastination, the benefits or otherwise of study
groups, motivation (or the lack of it!) and a myriad
of study suggestions. Just choose and adapt the ideas
to fit your lifestyle.
ACE YOUR MEDICAL EXAMS helps you choose a
personal study and testing program that, while no-one
ever said it was easy, isn't intimidating