Bedtime Is Canceled

Bedtime Is Canceled

Book Title: Bedtime Is Canceled

Author: Oliver Jeffers

Format: Hardback | 29 pages

Publication Date: 06 Nov 2012

ISBN-13: 9780547636689

The note read: Bedtime is canceled. Maggie thought of it. Her brother wrote it. A journalist read it. This was big news. He reported it. Before they knew it, the whole city discovered that bedtime had officially been canceled, so no one went to sleep!

Cece Meng, author of I WILL NOT READ THIS BOOK and TOUGH CHICKS, delivers once again with a pitch perfect cautionary tale, a wry parody of our information-glutted age, and heart-warming brother & sister adventure. Illustrated with wit and whimsy by French artist, Aurélie Neyret.