Orchids as House Plants

Orchids as House Plants

Book Title: Orchids as House Plants

Author: Steven A. Frowine

Format: Paperback | 640 pages

Publication Date: 01 Jun 1976

ISBN-13: 9780486232614

This book shows you how to produce flowering orchids in your home with the modern methods that are already enabling thousands of people to cultivate orchids successfully in their living rooms, sun porches, basements, and elsewhere. Thoroughly revised and brought completely up to date, this book explains the basic need of orchids and shows you the three common methods of growing them in the house - in a window, in a case, and under artificial light. It goes on to describe cattleya and many other fascinating kinds of orchids that do well as house plants, including what they each need in the way of temerature, light, humidity, and other requirments.