When Red is Black : Inspector Chen 3

When Red is Black : Inspector Chen 3

Book Title: When Red is Black : Inspector Chen 3

Author: Qiu Xiaolong

Format: Paperback | 320 pages

Publication Date: 12 Apr 2007

ISBN-13: 9780340897560

Now a BBC Radio 4 Drama Series.

When Inspector Chen Cao agrees to do a translation job for a Triad-connected businessman he is given a laptop, a 'little secretary' to provide for his every need, medical care for his mother. There are, it seems, no strings attached . . .

Then a murder is reported: Chen is loath to shorten his working holiday, so Sergeant Yu is forced to take charge of the investigation. The victim, a middle-aged teacher, has been found dead in her tiny room in a converted multi-family house. Only a neighbour could have committed the crime, but there is no motive.

It is only when Chen returns and starts to investigate the past that he finds answers. But by then he has troubles of his own.