Travelling to Work : Diaries 1988-1998

Travelling to Work : Diaries 1988-1998

Book Title: Travelling to Work : Diaries 1988-1998

Author: Michael Palin

Format: Paperback | 592 pages

Publication Date: 11 Sep 2014

ISBN-13: 9780297869610

Travelling to Work is the third volume of Michael Palin's widely acclaimed diaries. After the Python years and a decade of filming, writing and acting, Palin's career takes an unexpected direction into travel, which will shape his working life for the next twenty-five years. The first of many assignments is a modern-day Around the World in 80 Days. Yet, as the diaries reveal, he remained ferociously busy on a host of other projects throughout this whirlwind period, including acting roles and authoring books.

These latest diaries show a man grasping every opportunity that came his way, and they deal candidly with the doubts and setbacks that accompany this prodigious work-rate. As ever, his family life, with three children growing up fast, is there to anchor him.

Travelling to Work is a roller-coaster ride driven by the Palin hallmarks of curiosity and sense of adventure. These ten years in different directions offer riches on every page to his ever-growing army of readers.