Overcoming Dyslexia

Overcoming Dyslexia

Book Title: Overcoming Dyslexia

Author: Brock L Eide

Format: Paperback | 192 pages

Publication Date: 04 Jun 1996

ISBN-13: 9780091813208

Dyslexia is a common diagnosable condition that is estimated to affect at least one child in ten. In its most usual form it is manifested as a difficulty in learning to read and write, but it is widely misunderstood and often mistaken for low intelligence or even laziness.

Dr Beve Hornsby combines her experience as a psychologist, teacher and speech therapist in this informative and reassuring book for parents and teachers of children suffering from a disability no-one can see or understand, and offers advice on how to identify, tackle and eventually overcome dyslexia. Includes up-to-date information on Attention Deficit Disorder and the relevance of the latest Education Act.