The Master Swing Trader Toolkit : The Market Survival Guide

The Master Swing Trader Toolkit : The Market Survival Guide

Book Title: The Master Swing Trader Toolkit : The Market Survival Guide

Author: Alexander Elder

Format: Hardback | 368 pages

Publication Date: 19 May 2010

ISBN-13: 9780071664004

With more than 50,000 copies sold, AlanFarley's The Master Swing Trader has becomethe definitive guide for maximizing profitfrom short-term price moves. Now in hishighly anticipated companion volume, TheMaster Swing Trader Toolkit: The MarketSurvival Guide, Farley builds on his provenstrategies and techniques and delivers newtips for consistently beating the markets-today and in the future. The Master Swing Trader Toolkit is a powerfulapplication-oriented handbook that showsyou how to identify and grow wealth fromthe opportunities resulting from the steepmarket crash. Additionally, this full-servicevolume offers prescriptions for prosperingin the postcrash environment and providesguidance for finding new, reduced-risk marketprospects during virtually any economicscenario to come. The author's trading style has evolved sincethe publication of The Master Swing Trader.This follow-up companion helps you adaptand gain an edge as the author has, specificallyin the vein of "defensive trading," toachieve profitability in the modern electronicmarkets.
Because The Master Swing TraderToolkit is a survival guide for the real world,Farley presents an abundance of authenticcase studies to show his defensive tradingstrategies in action, and he illustrates a broadvariety of other patterns and observationsacting in specific market scenarios. The Master Swing Trader Toolkit preparesyou for success in the financial landscape oftoday and tomorrow with insightful, up-todatecoverage on: Cross-market analysis Convergence-divergencerelationships Relative strength Managing multiple positions Remote trading Risk management At its core, The Master Swing Trader Toolkit:The Market Survival Guide is a book abouttape reading. The ticker tape is immunefrom manipulation, deconstruction, regulation,and fragmentation, which makes it themost powerful tool for attaining wealth. Getthe most out of what you read by startingwith The Master Swing Trader Toolkit.